Drake surprises ‘Idol’ contestant

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Girls may love Beyoncé, but they also love Drake.

That much was proved when the rapper made a surprise visit to “American Idol” on Thursday, after a little encouragement from his labelmate and friend, Nicki Minaj.

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Lauryn Hill at work on new music

Can’t hear what it sounds like.

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Lauryn Hill’s been in the headlines for financial troubles lately, but a silver lining appears to have emerged from that cloud.

The Grammy-winning artist revealed in a message posted to her Tumblr account Thursday that she’s working on new music, something her fans have been clamoring for since her 1998 solo album, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.”

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Morning Inspiration

Sometime you have to give up doing what you’re use to. To get where you need to be.

SheSoUncensored has spoken. Be Blessed, Be Inspired, Be Love

Questioning things around me

Have you ever thought that everyone around you don’t like you. But uses you for making them look and feel better. That how I’ve been feeling for a while now. What makes it so bad is that the only people I am around is my immediate family. Shouldn’t they be the people who left you up. Not trying to knock you down. Maybe it’s me and the way I think???? I am starting to question everything around me.

Encourage one another to become the person you were born to become. Never underestimate the power of you or of god.

SheSoUncensored has spoken. Be Blessed, Be Inspired, Be Love.

Divorce granted for Kim K., Kris Humphries

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Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are finally getting divorced.

CNN’s confirmed that a Los Angeles Superior Court judge has granted a divorce petition, although Kardashian and Humphries won’t officially be divorced until a judgement is entered.

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Morning Inspiration

Good morning ya’ll had a blessed Friday. Today will blessed if you choose it to be. If you can today help someone in need. You may be  in need of help one day. Send good energy out to recieve good energy. SheSoUncensored has spoken. Be Blessed, Be Inspired, Be Love

Morning Inspiration

I would like to give thanks for being able to open eyes & minds on this Friday morning. I hope that each of us that has the privilege does the same. Do something today that you dreamt of or never believed in yourself to do before. Because noone is granted to see tomorrow. So live in moment, laugh always & love passionately. SheSoUncensored has spoken. Be Blessed, Be Inspired, Be Love